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About us

Madang Cocoa Company Limited (MCCL) is the result of collaboration between the Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association Limited (MCCA) and Eastern Gate Capital Advisors Limited (EGCAL) with support from the Madang Regional Office of the Cocoa Board of Papua New Guinea. The company is in the business of cocoa and is based in Madang Province.

Small-holder cocoa farmers in Madang Province have long had a dream and desire for only two things:

  1. Better price for their cocoa
  2. Socio-economic development returns to their communities

While the cocoa price is subject to world market conditions and fluctuates from time to time, farmers continue to live and farm their cocoa in areas lacking proper roads, bridges, health services, and education and communication services. In some places roads are not serviceable and farmers have had their cocoa rot away due to lack of market access. Several years ago, with the support of the Cocoa Board, the cocoa farmers of Madang province were able to organize themselves into thirty-four (34) cocoa co-operatives and with one umbrella co-operative called the Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association as their representative. Until 2018, their dream for better price for their cocoa and socio-economic development returns remained only a dream. With the involvement of Eastern Gate, the Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association’s vision is attainable and the blue-print to realise this vision has been developed and is now being put into action.

Madang Cocoa Company was established in late 2018. The company is headed by an industry experienced board and an experienced senior management team, comprising people with expertise in cocoa farming, cocoa business, commercial business management, project management, finance and investment and commodity markets. On the ground, our farmers employ the most up to date farming practices required by the Cocoa Board of Papua New Guinea and our international partners, thus ensuring that our product are of the highest quality every time. Our farmers will be part of the UTZ/Rainforest Alliance Certification program ensuring sustainable farming practices provide longevity to the crop, the farmer and the environment.

Madang Cocoa Company has a strategy to transform the landscape of cocoa business in Madang province and Papua New Guinea as a whole by putting money back into farming communities. We believe that there shall be no poor among us and that our strategy will enable us to eradicate poverty in our communities. The people of MCCL are challenged to serve our gifts and talents, creating a platform for farmers, our stakeholders and others to share their gifts and talents and in doing so firmly establish the farming communities and Madang province as a whole. No man is an island, and through shared values and collaboration, all our dreams can be made a reality!


For more information about Madang, please go to  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madang_Province and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madang