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By virtue of the Agreement, the Board of Madang Cocoa Company Limited is made up of representatives of Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association and Eastern Gate Capital Advisors. There is wide industry experience covering cocoa farming and cocoa business, corporate affairs, legal, and business management.


The position of Board Chair is still vacant and the Managing Director currently serves in this capacity for an interim period until the Chair is confirmed. The Board is currently courting highly qualified and experienced individuals for the role.

The current Board is as follows:

  • Judah Waffi – Chairman | Madang Cocoa Company Ltd
  • Willie Bebai – Board Member of MCCL | Treasurer, Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association Ltd
  • Laurie Laun Kolia – Board Member of MCCL | Director, Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association Ltd
  • John Manman – Board Member of MCCL | Chairman, Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association Ltd.
  • Anna Rakop – Board Member of MCCL | Director, Eastern Gate Cocoa Company Ltd