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Broad-Based Economic Impact

Madang Cocoa Farmers Sustainable Development Program


The Sustainable Development Program is the socio-economic development program aimed at impacting farmer communities and broader areas surrounding the cocoa growing regions of Madang Province. The Program has nine program areas. They are;


  1. Education – Focused on all levels of Education Training, infrastructure and systems
  2. Health and Sanitation – Sanitation, water supply and health care
  3. Food Security and Nutrition – Adequate nutritious food supply
  4. Finance – Life & Medical Insurance, Superfund, Savings & Loans, Microfinance
  5. Mind, Heart and Personal Wellbeing – Spiritual, mental development, personal viability
  6. Economic Infrastructure – Roads, Bridges, Jetties, Communications, etc.
  7. Sport, Recreation and Entertainment – Physical development, talent development, competitions
  8. Culture and Tourism – preservation of culture, language and promotion of tourism
  9. Commodity Development – farmer training, international certification, local cocoa programs     
Broad-Based Impact Gear Model

Madang Cocoa Farmers Future Benefit Fund


The Future Benefit Fund is an investment fund focused on building wealth and providing equitable participation for the cocoa farmers of Madang in economic and social businesses and infrastructure within the Madang Province. Investing in Madang Province will also stimulate the local economy, create jobs and provide broad-based economic impact for the province.


The fund will be managed by a reputable Fund Manager. Farmers will benefit from annual profits and dividend payments as well as farmer support during times of drought and other calamities which may affect their crops.


Achieving Broad-based socio-economic impact can best be pictured as small gears of the basic cocoa operation, sustainable development program and future benefit fund turning with enough power to turn the bigger gear of broader socio-economic impact.