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Cocoa Supply

Madang Cocoa Company is able to supply up to 300 metric tons a month, depending on buyer demand, with capacity to increase over the medium term.


Madang Province is the third leading province for cocoa production in Papua New Guinea. Cocoa Production in Madang Province is currently at circa 9,000 metric tonnes per annum. The bulk of this cocoa comes from small holder farmers who are members of the Madang Cocoa Co-operative. The rest comes from plantations. With their own export company now being incorporated and operational, all smallholder farmers within the 34 cocoa co-operatives of Madang will be selling cocoa through the Madang Cocoa Company.

We therefore anticipate significant growth in sales volume for MCCL over a short period of time to a conservative 5,000 tonnes within the first 3 years of operations and 10,000 tonnes within first five years. We aim to eventually capture 90% or more of all cocoa produced in Madang Province. Madang currently has 3,000 registered fermentries scattered across the province. MCCL aims to get supply from 30% of fermentries within the first year and to grow the fermentry portfolio over the course of five years.