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The Agreement

Eastern Gate and Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association have established a 20-year agreement to work together for the benefit of farmers and the people of Madang using Cocoa as a catalyst for socio-economic development in Madang Province. The Key Objectives of the Agreement entail the following;


  • Establishment of Madang Cocoa Company Limited with the objective of providing higher price to farmers for their cocoa and dividend income through shareholding in the company
  • Establishment of the Madang Cocoa Farmers Sustainable Development Program to provide socio-economic returns to farming communities and Madang province at large
  • Establishment of the Madang Cocoa Farmers Future Benefit Fund for investment in business and to stimulate economic growth in Madang Province

The Agreement involves the Cocoa Board of PNG as a Key Stakeholder to ensure that all parties remain committed to the Agreement and that the farmers of Madang Province continue to benefit from this collaboration.


In our endeavour to attain higher price for our cocoa, we have put in place programs to improve the farming, fermenting and drying of cocoa. These programs include introduction of CPB (Cocoa Pod Borer) resistant clones, funding to Cocoa Board for nurseries and farm rehabilitation programs for farmers, and engagements with international agencies such as ACIAR, UTZ Certification, and the International Cocoa Organization.


The involvement and participation of farmers at all levels is guaranteed through establishment of proper offices for the Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association, where farmer records are kept up to date and that participation of farmers is mandated through their involvement at the primary co-operative level.