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The Cocoa Board of Papua New Guinea

The Cocoa Board of Papua New Guinea is the internationally recognised governing body for cocoa propagation, production and regulation in Papua New Guinea. The regulations established by the Cocoa Board are in line with internationally recognised standards in order to ensure that cocoa produced in Papua New Guinea is accepted in markets world-wide.


The Cocoa Board, through the Madang Regional Branch recognizes the collaboration between Eastern Gate Capital Advisors Limited and the Madang Cocoa Co-operative Association Limited as the way forward in establishing lasting socio-economic solutions for the cocoa farmers of Madang Province. The economic impact model a.k.a Cocoa Catalyst Strategy developed by Eastern Gate Capital Advisors has been seen as being able to provide sustainable solutions with broad-based impact, not only for the cocoa farmers but for the rest of the province as a whole. Farmers will continue to be supported by the Cocoa Board with cocoa rehabilitation and extension programs and this time, with collaboration through funding and technical advice from international organizations as well.


You can visit the Cocoa Board PNG website for more information.