+675 7647 1560cocoa@madangcocoa.comUnit 2, Section 64, Allotment 8, Kibilak Crescent, Madang, Madang Province

What we stand for


Transformed Lives of Cocoa Farmers



To Use Cocoa as a Catalyst for Socio-Economic Impact in Madang Province


Our values

Our core values are the standards by which we measure our performance; our interactions with our clients and each other; and they define our attitudes and approach to the events of everyday life in our business.

We recognize that we are first accountable to God and then Men for our actions and commitments.


These are the things we value:



We believe that each human being has been endowed with a special gift which when expressed fully, will contribute to the betterment of mankind. We believe that what we do will stir the gift in others and cause all people within our influence to be world-changers, simply by discovering and expressing their gifts.



We believe in being Honest in our dealings and committed to doing what is right for our stakeholders and for us. We believe in doing what we say and saying what we do.


Full Self Expression

We believe in Respectful communication of creativity, ideas and concerns.  We believe in the Freedom to express ideas, concerns, and possibilities and having a mind to receive feedback. The full expression of one’s thoughts, talents and abilities has the power to ignite strong emotional responses which can fuel passion and desire in others to pursue excellence.


Disciplined Client Engagement

We believe in defining, refining, executing, measuring and completing all activities in support of agreed-upon goals and objectives and exceeding our clients’ and our own expectations.


Sound Decision-Making

Our decisions are based on Logic, Instinct, Knowledge, and Experience.


Acknowledgment & Appreciation

We regularly acknowledge and appreciate our fellow employees, our clients, vendors, partners, and ourselves for contributions made in support of our vision and pursuit of excellence.



We agree to include and inform everyone affected by our decisions.



We are driven by the passion for positive change in the lives of people and strive to inspire passion in others for the cause


Quality standards

We adopt procedures to ensure that our business is delivered with a high degree of quality. We intend to be recognized as delivering best practice to our clients, the farmers, our employees and the people of Madang.